People can call him “So yesterday” but I still LOVE Banksy’s art. I do not believe in the rule that an artist has to die to get his fame back after his expiry date… Making art that sometimes provokes people is why he is a hero! I love to see reality instead of an artist painting the world beautiful. Tagging on public walls is his technique to spread the word. His yesterday’s work could be removed tomorrow, as some people call it vandalism instead of art. Mega billboards hanging on the side of the road are allowed, but a person expressing a serious portion of professional creativity is a criminal action.

London, famous for its street art, is becoming stricter in removing graffiti. Over painting graffiti art is like taking down a historic building. It is cultural self-destructor.

Being in the wave of the almost finished Olympic fever has manifested in amazing tagging all around the bricks of London’s walls. Some of them lucky enough to remain, some replaced by a thick layer of white paint.

banksy - olympics -

THE (escape of the) POLE VAULTER – By Banksy
Love the combination of the athlete vaulting over the fence to land on the dirty mattress.

Banksy2 - olympics -

A javelin thrower about to hurl a military missile
Banksy is not revealing the location of this piece in order to avoid removal by Ealing Council

banksy3 - olympics - www.styleisnecessity.comBanksy4 - olympics -
A child working on a sewing machine making bunting to celebrate the Olympics – By Banksy

Everybody here hates the Olympics (except for the 100 meters) – artist unknown

by CodeFC

by Code FC

The cyclist – by CodeFC

The very appropriate Olympic sponsor – Mac Donald’s
Artist unknown


  Breaking the Olympic rings copyright control – by Mr Moustache

Artwork in hackney wick Londen
Artist unknown

olympic pigeon ronzo

Do we need to say more? – Olympic Pigeon – by Ronzo Fu

Olympic toilet dive – by Loretto

Pure evil – by Criminal Chalkist

olympics rebellion - victoria

Olympic Rebellion – in Victoria park

Paralympic mascot mandeville getting humped – by Teddy Baden

Mural of the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt – by Jimmy C


Olympic Pollution – by Mau Mau
Mau Mau’s artwork making fun of the ridiculous Olympic sponsors.
This piece was whitewashed within 6 days of completion by Ealing council, even though he had permission to paint it on the warehouse wall

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    Nice article, I wish we had this kind of artist in Dubai.

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