Ok, Karl Lagerfeld is the only man in this whole world who gets a free pass to my fashion rule.. never wear sunglasses at night! Or in the mall, or in the club.. Karl, a man who is an exception to the rule, held a collection presentation this week in Paris, and I obviously had to see his new SS’13 collection. A lovely basic, detailed and very easy wearable collection was awaiting for me. The collection was mostly existing out of Karl’s Signature colors black, white and silver with an addition of petrol blue. Its a playful geometric collection with an amazing detail in the technical fabrics. The woman’s collection has a lot of layering, flashes of silver, knitting, leather and dresses with corset style stitching adding a focus on the waist. Some of the items have cute detailing with zippers, studs and poppers, which brings back the silver signature color. The mens collection is again a lot of black, white grey and silver, with a dash of  petrol blue. Its a more classic but playful collection and definitely easy wearable. You can see a lot of geometric shapes, layering and beautiful fabrics. I love the small leather detailing in the jackets, which is a trend for this season! The accessories also share the colors of the men’s and woman’s collection. The textures are very contrasting with matte leather, snakeskin and metallic canvas. I’m in love with the weird shape of the cubical-ish bags that are made in a few flashy colors such as cobalt blue leather (winter trend alert!) and orange. Beautiful robots models walked around in the clothes and without even trying, the Karl Lagerfeld feeling was filled in the room! This season the Karl Lagerfeld Paris collection is showcases by British icon Poppy Delevigne and model / signer Baptiste Giabiconi. The snaps are shot by no one else than MR Lagerfeld himself! Check out below the first release of the collection, fresh from the press! Also very cool news is that KARL LAGERFELD is opening its first concept in Europe, and where better than in Paris! The store will open in February 2013 and is obviously located in the heart of  Paris fashion’s hottest area, St Germain des prés.

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