When it comes to travelling, I am super, super, super organized! And because I’m not the worst person in the world, I will share with your my preparations. Please see them summed up as below:

– Book my ticket
– Open my suitcase (most probably 40 minutes before I leave to the airport)
– Pull some useless crap out of my wardrobe
– Drop it in the suitcase
– Leave to the airport
– Come back to pick up my passport
– Leave to the airport
– Realizing all the stuff I have forgotten
– Hearing my name for the Final call announcement
– Jump on my seat in the plane, which is most probably in the middle next to a baby


And once I calmed down, I always have the same thought, “I really have to get my *&^@! organized! “
Guess what?? Today is your lucky day! I finally came to my senses and I put a list together of “oh, why did I forget this” stuff. Don’t expect too much.. the list is only applicable for the flight.. After that, it was too tough for me to keep track of the list ;-)


From left to right:

The worst thing about flying is the dehydration. Keeping this handy water face spray in your pocket can be just the refreshment you need!
Evian water spray €5,50 gasstation


Do you also hate it when your lips transform from smooth to rough lips because of the dry air during your flight? Maintain the softness with this hydrating lip-gloss from Clarins. Next to smelling super nice, it also is an extra excuse to give your lips a sexy glossy top coat.
I don’t go anywhere without it.. WORD..
Clarins hydrating lipgloss €14,50 Areej


Just when the lights in the plain are switched off, your neighbour feels the need to switch on his super strong reading light to start his 897 paged book.. No worries, just pack your “sleeping beauty mask” to switch yourself from a nightmare into sweet dreams!
Sleeping beauty face mask €20


A must have is this cute pocket size beauty bag from Bloomingdale’s! Its just big enough to keep your small stuff together instead of scattered around in your bag.
Little beauty bag €14 Bloomingdales


Give a personal touch to your “everyone in my country has the same” passport with this Zac posen passport cover.
Zac Posen passport holder €49


Dry skin? good that you have packed this philosophy all purpose cream! say bye-bye to dry skin!
Philosophy €12,50


Just in case the stewardess is too busy serving people, don’t forget to bring your baileys mini! It will help you getting falling asleep a bit quicker, or to get drunker than that super annoying drunk chap next to you.
Baileys mini – biscuit and cookies Dubai airport


As we all know, beauty-sleeps don’t happen in a plane.. But to make life a bit more comfortable, I always bring my own neck pillow. Tired of those ugly blue plastic blow-up pillows?  Why not bring this super cute neck pillow in the shape of a sausage-ish dog!?
Dog neck pillow –

Don’t like to read? No worries, Once you start the book “fifty shades of grey” I’m sure all of a sudden all woman will LOVE to read.. And in case you have to blush from all those steamy love scenes in the book, Just cover the outside of the book with a fashion magazine while reading, so no-one will have to know ;-)
Fifty shades of grey €8,50 Borders


One of THE trends at the moment in fine jewellery is tassels! And if you have to create a sound barrier between you and that crying baby next to you, better do it in in style!
Tassel ear plugs – DIY coming soon on SIN


Super fun! No time wait for the stewardess and no time to get de-hydrated with the “lets work it out” and the “one more drink” water bottles of Victoria secret.
Water bottle €10 Victoria’s secret


Usually I have no time, and no motivation for full-on make-up before my flight. Just in case you will see some one you know, cover your face up with these beautiful Bvlgari shades. I have a crush on it for a loooong time!
Cat-eye sunglasses BVLGARI Dubai mall


Deep inside me, there is still hiding a little girl ;-) Just to let her out once in a while, I put on my super cute animal socks! Mine are bought in dragon mart, but Urban outfitters has a ZOO full of animal socks!
Animal socks €16 Urban Outfitters


A beautiful hair-do just would do during a flight. To create a quick and easy bun on your head you can use this cute bow.
Polkadot bow €8 Debenhams


NO, I would wear a pink Juicy Couture velvet tracksuit!! Shame on you! What I do choose is a trendy, easy and comfy outfit.
when you are travelling, the temperatures can be quite irregular. Most of the time, It’s super cold on the flight, but when you arrive at your destination, I hope for you, it is HOT! (or you chose the wrong destination) That’s why I choose to wear clothes that are warm, but easy to take off when it gets hotter. For example, a big scarf, and a Kashmir poncho. As for footwear, unless you are a celebrity, a stewardess or sitting in business class, PLEASE do not wear high heels in the airport, nor in the plane. I just makes you look you stupid. Maybe better to choose for example these Lanvin trainers, that are comfy and cute at the same time. And once you got you suitcase off the luggage belt, It is a better timing to finally pop into those heels! Time to shine, vacation time!

Green scarf €465 Balmain | Poncho €265 A.P.C | Heart suspencers €2 Primark | Lanvin trainer Harvey Nichols

 And to finish off, Just some useful tips:

– Always book your ticket online. Yes, I still have a friend says; no worries, let me call my travel agent!
– When you use a flight comparing site, there is a big chance it is better to eventually book the ticket directly throughout the airlines website.. just to avoid booking / administration cost
– Be sure you have the right visa’s to avoid you are getting stuck in the airport of Shanghai, to almost end up on a ‘no fly list’.  I am still not admitting this was me..
– Always try to book your seat in advance.. Just to:
– Ensure your not sitting next to a smelly toilet, and the waiting line that comes with it
– Have a seat in front of the plane, to be the first one to leave the plane.
– Get an window or Isle seat
– Get a seat at the emergency exit. (don’t forget to wear an extra sweater as these seat are usually coder than other seats.)

– Find a seat with an empty seat beside it, to lower the chances you sit in a scenario next to a; talk addict / smelly sandy / im so tired, can i lean on your shoulder dude / oversized Betty / can I get a triple vodka on the rocks divorced dad / OCD diva / ate brown beans for dinner Mexican / heavy metal music volume on full blast punk /  I just broke up with my boyfriend train wreck / ADD toddler / crying baby / lunatic baby-voiced mom / I’m not looking at your boobs, I’m just trying to read your book -perv.


OH! and don’t forget to share your, worst flight experiences / travel tips with all of us in the comment section below! Shukran!


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  1. Very nice blog, keep up the good work Sammy Sosa! Ill be keeping an eye on your blog and tell my friends and family, so they can like your blog so it can become bigger and more well known.

    Keep us posted by your exciting adventures in life Samsonite!

    Peace, bless and love from Michel, the Netherlands.

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