Casio love!


Surely we love to spend a lot of time looking at sparkly, expensive “ooh and aah” watches, but sometimes, there are some watches that can do a bit more than that.. They catch your eye, without a full on marketing campaign or having a special function that can unlock your car from a 4 km distance. A watch which is just a watch, and for some reason it will turn in to so much more than just telling you the time.

Your asking how this is possible? I’m promising you. It will cost you less than a dinner at PF changs and your did not spend over 2 months salary to finally own one..Well yes.. Mr Casio made it all possible. At least with me.. Working on a daily base with crazy beautiful high-end watches, I still have a weakness for my old-time buddy; the vintage Casio watch. After all those years, it still does exactly what I ask from it. Showing me the time. Even better, it is probably the most trendy watch you can get with a low-budget! At the end, we’re not all sheiks and sheika’s. The Casio watch seriously matches all my outfits, and I can not remember it has ever been out of fashion! Perhaps it is the only watch that can be worn by fashionistas, to business man, to your little 7-year-old cousin. Having not more than 3 buttons; a stopwatch, a date and a water-resistant function, till today I am super in love with my gold Casio! And if you still have the need to show off with you watch, it even has a button with a funky light function :-) Where to get this little miracle??! I spotted it in a few watch shops in Satwa for just 90 dirham! Oh, and it comes with warranty maaaaam!

casio by Julia Pott


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  1. Michel says:

    Casio G-shock collection made it more popular than ever before!

  2. Adrien says:

    what about the one that could turn on and off TV set. I wanted to have one badly when i was a kid, to prank people.

  3. Kevin says:

    I love the G-shock ones! But these are nice as well :) I think most of them are available on here: :)

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