When I took a glimpse at my mail, my eyes started to twinkle! OMG! A BAILEYS event! Yes, Baileys to me, is like chocolate milk for a 4-year-old child. Can’t get enough of that stuff! Eventually my eyes started sobering up, and it turned out to be an event for Bally.. Seriously?! Winter clothes in Dubai? HELL YEAH! Where else to find your perfect outfits for those upcoming freezing winter vacations? None of the Dubai stores actually sell hot and trendy winter gear that’s perfect for a romantic snow storm.. Oh wait a minute.. Bally does! Visiting their collection presentation at Zabeel Saray Palm Dubai, the event gave us a glimpse of what we are about to expect, going back home this Christmas vacation. Beautiful snow, fun people, and nice food… To be exact, aaaamazing mini burgers! Next to attending the event in order to see the upcoming seasonal collection,  I might also came to have a bite of the amazing canapas. It’s what makes or breaks the event! Also, they turned out to have amazing cocktails, made by my new mates, Jonathan and Mervin! dazzled in snow, sipping cocktails, sitting in a Christmas sledge, I actually find myself really enjoying this event. Which is rare in Dubai.. I met up with some fun, amazing people, like the fabulous Stylemonger, fashionista Guiseppe and not to forget mr Movember. Overall I am happy to received my first hot, freezing, winter preparation in Dubai..!

Outfit – TOP: Romeo & Juliette couture / SKIRT: sin / SHOES – Stuart Weitzman

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  1. I wish I could skip those winterdays! Dont get me wrong, its beautiful those days, but I hate waking up early, getting dressed, open the door with a freezing wind, trying not to fall on my way to the car, start the car, get rid of all the snow and icing on the windshield and shivering in the car until the heating is finally warm. No thanks, I <3 the Sun and I miss her.

    P.s. <3 Baileys

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Michel! thanks for your comment! I do understand what you are talking about. The snow and cold is fun for a few days, but after that everything gets grey and muddy.. You should come and visit Dubai.. Sun all year round.. just a bit overheated in the summer though!

  2. Adrien says:

    That was a funny event. they had a cool set up.

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