A chitchat with: Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset-Webb from Project-D

SIN was invited to see the new collection launch of Project-D in Boutique 1. The fashion brand is a baby of Designer’s Tabitha Somerset‐Webb and Dannii Minogue (Yes, it’s the one you think it is!) Introducing the Butterfly collection, SIN had a chitchat with Dannii and Tabitha about the collection, their inspiration, and off course Dubai! 

I asked the lady’s what her main inspiration was for this collection and they told me, ‘Actually, we just do whatever we want! It sounds a bit selfish, but that’s the truth. We just start designing, and the pieces are exactly something we would want to wear! The line has pieces that are perfect for every occasion. You can wear some of the designs to work, and some of the outfits, for a glamorous night out.” Dannii explains that her main focus for the collection is to have pieces that are wearable and will fit every woman.  “It is very important that clothes have the right fit in order to flatter.”

So when SIN asked them what their favourite trends are, she answers: “I love things with sequins, especially the small ones that are not too shiny. That’s why we used them in our collection. It is outgoing, but because the sequins are small, and not too shiny, you will not look like a glitter-ball.”
Which makes me wonder; Have you already had a chance to enjoy Dubai? Tabitha: “We have been looking forward for so long to visit Dubai! We love the elegance of the woman here, and the city looks amazing. Our schedule is so busy that we hardly have the time to look around and relax a bit. Hopefully we have more time when we come back in the future.” I completely fell in love with the girls when they complimented me about my hand-made necklace that I was wearing! Pretty awesome to have a designer complementing on something I made! After a few pictures together, I could not help myself to close the conversation by asking; “What about your laughing muscles? I have seen you smiling for over an hour and I’m really wondering how you are able to not be facially exhausted!” Their answer:”You get good at it, with a lot of experience, and hours of practice ;-)


Project-D already caught a lot of celeb attention; Elizabeth Hurley, Pippa and Kate Middleton, are just some of the celebs spotted in Project-D. Next to clothes, the ladies also launched a super nice watch collection! Looking forward to see where those girls are going to end up next!
Project-D is available at Boutique 1 stores and online at


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    lucky you!! having a chitchat with miss Dannii Minogue.

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