the artist: Julia Pott

Julia Pott is a name that maybe has not sticked in your brain yet, but be aware, this name definitely deserves a spot! .. JULIA POTT..  Did it stick yet? Perhaps read a bit farther.. The best way to describe Julia, from what I researched, is as a superhero that has not yet acknowledged and discovered her hidden powers..  
You have probably met people like her.. some of those people, who are extremely beautiful, or super talented.. but when you talk to them, it just feels like they still don’t realize how talented they are. Their normal-ness and un-awareness, makes them sneak into your memory.. And that’s exactly what this artist does.
Julia Pott, is a young animator / illustrator who beautifully draws her thoughts on to paper or on-screen. Her fantasy world is something I can so closely relate to, that I had to share her work..The awkward animated characters are a reflection of her own personal struggles. She started her passion for illustration when she was just 7, by drawing her bad dreams. I actually found Julia Pott on Youtube when I passed by her film, “my first crush”.  An amazingly simple, but super entertaining movie in which Julia illustrated other people’s stories about their first crush. Her surreal characters portray emotions in an innocent and fun way. Graduated last year, she has already done work for Toyota, MTV and Bat for Lashes, which shows she is not just a random newbie… And instead of reading, it is maybe better to see for yourself!

My First crush


The Belly

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