I’m walking inside the mall, trying to go back to the car park. To my surprise, I see a jet sticking out above the large mall crowd.. Well, I was planning to take my car to my next destination, but it looks like there could be an other option in sight.. While this huge object is blocking my view, I can not wait to see if I can find a clear answer, why the hell there is a jet in the middle of the mall?! Arriving closer, 2 pretty stewardesses ask me if I already checked in..? For a second my jaw drops and I really start wondering if I’m going nuts, or did she just asked me if I checked in..?? We are still in a mall right? Obviously I’m slowly starting to understand that IWC is doing a quite impressive job to promote their new flight watches. A lovely lady checks me in at the counter, and leads me around to introduce me to the watches.. 76 years ago, IWC started to produce timepieces specially for pilots and aircrew. For the exhibition, they brought in a selection of vintage Pilot’s Watches, along with a, almost positively showing of, flight simulator.
Of course I had to try the simulator in order to have a pilot experience, make a few 360̊  turns, to eventually successful crash my plane.
Again, at least I can tick that of my bucket list!

The IWC Top gun exhibition will be in Dubai mall until the 24/11/12 and in Abu Dhabi Etihad towers from 30/11/12  till 8/12/12




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