LOVE! Black Galaxy Milk


Even though I’m in love with fashion, deep inside of me hides a little nerd.. Guess what, I found a brand who has that in common! This amazing brand Black Milk started 3 years ago by making super nice leggings with hot prints. Recently they launched some leggings and swimsuits in collaboration with the masterpiece of Mr George Lucas: STAR WARS! And just like a star star falling from the milky way, I can’t believe how EPIC these leggings are! Time to go straight on my wish-list! Check them out below. GOTTA LOVE IT!



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  1. Michel says:

    There is nothing better than a hot chick wearing star wars tights. A good idea for the next star wars event. All those star wars geeks would lose their fckn minds if they see these hot chicks walking around.

    • Thanks Mich, Sure you love chicks in tights ;-) Maybe a funny experiment for a youtube video.. A hot chick in a chewbacca legging at an STAR WARS convention! Count the turning heads..

  2. So beautiful! If you’re looking for the same style but a little bit more affordable, we have a bunch of styles of galaxy leggings on sale this week for $35-$45 – just wanted to mention!

    Keep up the amazing work!

    • Thanks for your comment! Just checked out the website, and they look amazing! Are you regularly renewing your designs? And do you ship to Dubai, Or are you selling in a shop here in the middle east? Sure the readers are interested!

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