Louboutin thinking outside of the shoebox..



When decorating a Christmas tree, I always try to think outside of the box.. But Mr Christian Louboutin shows us a bit more than that! This Christmas tree is definitely what I call “thinking out of the shoebox!” The Christmas tree concept was developed together with Studio XAG, and I must admit.. this is Brilliant!  Existing out approximately 100 iconic Pigalle shoes (yes I counted them), I would love to have this tree under my Christmas tree!
The festive window concept will already be on display in London and Paris, so I will be sure to take a close-up snapshot when I am visiting the boutique during Christmas! Which could be risky; the combination of the glossy red soles and the white leather, remind me of yummy Christmas canes.. The more I look at the tree, the more my mouth starts watering up!! Can this tree get even better?? I think I’m ready for Christmas!



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