Versace collection presentation SS 2013 – Men’s & Woman’s




On monday I went to the Grosvenor hotel in Dubai to view the traveling collection presentation of Versace SS 2013! As I know the trend for next year is going to be less flashy colors, and more black, gold, white and silver, it seems like Versace is setting the perfect transfer from one trend to the other. Same as JPG and a few other brands, Versace is going back to the 90ties!! When I look at the mens collection, I almost want to get my basket with grapes, as it looks like the men are going back to the good old greek times! Translating the nineties into history Greek days, I can think we have to get out the grapes, vine leafs, lions, spheres and medallions! Versace is ready for the fight! Gold and silver calf-high gladiator sandal, shimmering wallets, and boxing belts that you can almost use to knock someone down.. You can see a lot of nineties graphic prints, and fabrics with cut out prints.. Key colours for the men’s collection are flashes of gold, paired with white, black, grey, bronze and metallic hues. Also turquoise and fuchsia were a big part of the collection that are in my opinion, a great passage from fading trends to next years trends…



As for the woman’s collection Miss Donatella is confusing me a bit.. Normally you will see tight, almost uncomfortable clothes, but this collection is showing us flowing dresses and dark hippy chic silhouettes. A lot of accents and cuts are emphases on the hips, and you can see a big use of fine straps, daring lace and tie-die techniques. For the first time, it looks like Donatella is letting it all hang loose (that’s what she said ;-) ) None of the silhouettes in the collection are tight and uncomfortable.. instead, the clothes look relaxed and casual. I love the flair of the clothes and the way they fit on the body.. Going back to the roots of Versace, Donatella is using a lot of silk, and perfect cuts. Perhaps the flashes of lace are a bit daring, but who cares? Its Versace right?! Don’t forget to see below the pics I took of the collection, and especially focus on the woman’s accessories, as I am suuuure that some of them are going to be best sellers..
Check out the pics below and judge for yourself!


LOVE the accessories above, and the bag below! Who said this collection is only for men? I would love to rock some of their accessories!

Woman’s Collection


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