2012 was a year full with laughter, success, happiness, tears, fashion, love, amazing friendships, life lessons, hard work, good food, crazy adventures, creativity, but most importantly; no regrets! As my #1 life motto is to live everyday like there is no tomorrow I can’t wait to continue 2013 with the same life values as in 2012! And as most of the people, I do have a new years resolution… 2012 was the year I really wanted to start my own blog, in 2011 I learned french, and in 2010 I learned how to cook (by basically watching the food network 24/7) Soooo for 2013 I have decided to realise my mom’s wish for me to finally learn the piano! And to start of, my boyfriend bought me a keyboard to do so..! There is just something so relaxing, elegant and envious about someone playing the piano that learning this was high on my to do list..! Next to playing the piano, I cant wait to develop my blog with a lot more awesome post and I really want to read 5 new books (which is very hard for me as I always fall asleep after reading 2 pages) I already started the first one today.. which I will soon tell you more about!



And there it is.. my resolutions officially written online.. so there is no way I can change or avoid them! Good that they are quite fun to execute! At last, I truly want thank everyone around me for giving me an amazing 2012 and I hope that everyone will have an even more amazing 2013! 



Lots of Love, Samantha

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