Last week I was searching for a new lamp that I can hang above my dining table.. Living in Dubai there is a big chance that you, and most of your friends have the same familliar IKEA house style, as Dubai is not really the best spot to get unique home accessories.. To avoid ending up in IKEA I started google-ing and found these awesome lights from Donkey & friends! They made a collection of adorable lamps with animalistic features.. How can you not fall in love with lamps shaped as a fox, penguin, cat or rabbit! RIGHT? The cool part is everyone can find a lamp that suits their personality as there is a wide collection of animal shapes. And if not, you can even custom make your own unique lamp! Nearly any form is possible.. But I havent told you about the best part yet.. you can even use them as a mask to scare the *&%! out of your mates! The Donkey & Friends light series are made out of paper and they are super affordable! Sold in a flatpack format, they need to be cut, folded and glued in order to bring them to life. Time to bring the animal home!           

You can adopt your new furry paper friends it the Donkey & friends Etsy shop:


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