A chitchat with: Nicholas Kirkwood! Time to kick ass in class!


Like I posted a while ago; Roses are red, violets are blue, keep the flowers, i’d rather get shoes! I think there are quite some woman in the world that can agree on that.. Shoes are like an addiction! Cant get enough of it..! They are like Facebook statuses; expressing exactly the way you feel.. comfy flats, confident high heels, insecure kitten heels, chilled out house slippers, nonchalant loafers, kinky boots.. They are a necessity and can describe a personality in a sec. And if your “shoe personality” is “I want to make an exclusive high-end statement..” you definitely have a pair of Nicholas Kirkwoodies in your collection.



 Nicholas Kirkwood is a London based shoe designer born in Germany, who knows how important a shoe is for a woman.. Nicholas studied in London at the Central Saint Martins…,which is one of the best Art schools in the world, where artist studied like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, MIA,  Sade, Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Williamson, Zac Posen etc etc… After this it is not a miracle that he won the 2013 BFC/VogueDesigner Fashion Fund. Nicholas also used to work for the hat designer Phillip Treacy which inspired him to design his own shoe line.. Next to that, he was also the mentor of his former assistant, Sophia Webster.. who is already kicking ass with her amazing hot heels! 



Recently, shoe guru Nicholas Kirkwood flew over to Dubai and I had the chance to had a chit chat with him about Dubai and off course shoes shoes shoes!. Let me first start of with saying that Mr Kirkwood is one of the most humble and down to earth designers I ever met. When I walked in to Nicholas Kirkwoods corner in “Level shoe district Dubai Mall” (the worlds biggest shoe store..!) I saw a little blond guy sitting in a chair blending in to the background.. People who don’t know Nicholas Kirkwood probably will never realize that they just walked by one of the biggest super shoe heroes in the world.. No sunglasses, no arty outfit, and no “look who I am” attitude. Just the regular guy next door.. As I start of with telling him it is cool to see how down to earth he is, Nicholas explained that one of the most important things to long-term success is being yourself and staying down to earth, because the people who are fake, are the first one to break. Nicholas talks about his overwhelming first impression of Dubai, and his dissapointment to not have enough time to properly visit Dubai. One of the exciting things he did manage to visit was Art Dubai, where he was really impressed with the Middle Eastern artists and their perception on life, expressed in art. Nicholas also talks about how he loves Level shoe district and that he is very pleased to be part of the worlds biggest shoe heaven. He shows us the shoe designs that he specially designed for Level shoe district, and my hands already start itching to buy a pair! When I ask him what makes him different from other shoe designers and what is his trade mark, he answers that he loves combining different high-end materials in an architectural shaped shoe. Nicholas designs show an innovative use of materials such as devoré satin, hand-printed suede and leather, degradé fabrics, python, shaved stingray, laser-cut mirror leather, cobra and rubberised leather. When I asked him what it takes it to design a new shoe, he explains that he composes a shoe with a lot of doodle drawings to create the perfect shape, and falling in love with fabrics to choose the materials. Sooo eventually I had to pop the question..” Are there secrets you can share with us…? To which he replies.. I am very happy to share that I have expanded by launching my mens shoe collection, and hopefully in the future you will see some hand bag designs.

You can find Nicholas Kirkwood at Level shoe district, Bloomingdale’s, Harvey Nichols and Boutique 1.

My outfit: Hat – H&M // top – Debenhams // pants – Stella Mcartney // shoes – Forever 21

Nicholas Kirkwood mens collection

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes exclusively for Level shoe district

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