The “i-really-have-to-do-it-list” and todays armcandy!



So today was one of those days when I realized it’s time to stop fooling around and start the action..! A day where you know you really have to start solving issues that are on the “i-really-have-to-do-it-list” And oh boy.. Believe me, the list is long! Probably because I found myself in one of those denial phases where everything is on a “oh-i’ll-do-it-later-term..”I only realized the phase had to come to an end when I was driving my car, in 42 degrees Celsius, with a broken car AC for over 2 weeks. And when the sweat was dripping off my cheeks, and I had to gasp for fresh air out of the car window, I realized that I might have to get my s*!@# together.. Unfortunately the broken car AC was not the worst thing on the list.. the AC at my house decided to take a little holiday break too, there were some bills to pay, some blog-post to be written, some workouts to be done, and some parents to be informed that I’m still alive..




The worst things about the tasks on these list is that they are actually stressing you out, and they pop up in your mind a numerous times a day! If you would calculate the amount of time I am thinking about “I still have to”, I could have already finished my list 3 times!



So that’s what I finally did! I dropped my car at the garage, called my parents, paid the bills, made an appointment with building maintenance and while waiting for this chap, I managed to do my nails for a new blog post! After that I got all my energy together to go for a jog, and while running I decided to top it off with a cherry on the cake..why not book a little summer holiday too!? Check! Time to look forward to the beautiful beaches of Ibiza!



To make a long story short, I had a pretty productive day ;-)

Below some pics of my nails and arm-candy while waiting for mustache Mustafa the mechanic!



leather bracelet – SIN // casio watch – Satwa // chain bracelet – Yves Saint Laurent // ring – SIN // nailpolish – H&M

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