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I am actually very excited writing this post today! Read a bit further and you will find out why, or click away and you will never know what you are missing out on… ;-)

One of my favorite cities in the world must be Berlin.. Most of the people know it is a city with a lot of history.. and a lot of history comes with culture! Berlin is a city full with creativity and innovation. It is actually hard to describe the vibe of Berlin untill you have visited the city, however, i’ll give it a try.. Imagine a city known as a cosmopolitan, tolerant, open-minded and exciting capital in which 23.2% of all inhabitants are under 25. ( oeeeh, bringing out the facts!)
The combination of all this together plays an important part in why Berlin always is reinventing itself and full of new ideas and innovation. Also know as the center for music industry, Berlin plays an important role in press and publishing, fashion and design, fine art, performing art, advertising and architecture. From the moment you pass the city border, I can guarantee that you will feel every aspect of it. Basically Berlin is raw, transparent, underground urban and edgy.



Which leads me to the next topic; Liebeskind Berlin! Liebeskind is a fashion label that exactly stands for everything you just read about. Liebeskind Berlin makes amazing handmade leather goods that are defo “Quality” (So good it deserves a a capital “Q”!!)

Inspired by Berlin, the designs are urban and edgy, which is seriously what we need in Dubai! Oh and not to forget, the feeling and smell of their leather is to die for!
Specialized in bags, Liebeskind Berlin also has amazing bracelets, wallets, phone covers, belts, and… actually… to find out, you should go and see for yourself! Because the good news is, that in a few more days Liebeskind Berlin will open its first ME store in Dubai Deira City Center! I already got lucky enough to own a Liebeskind Berlin bag, and how selfish would I be to not give you guys a chance to WIN, and be the lucky owner of a Liebeskind hanging of your shoulder!



First of all, check out my Liebeskind Berlin bag in the outfit post below. Did you already noticed it perfectly fits the Trend alert I posted yesterday?? —-> Laduree pastel colours!



So whats the deal??
I am giving away 1 Liebenskind Berlin bag, and on top of that, 5 lucky readers will get a chance to attend the store opening to be the first one’s to visit the store and view the collection in the exclusive preview during a private day of shopping! Not to forget, you can bring a friend, and after the store opening you will both receive a Lunch invite hosted by Liebeskind Berlin! Did I already mention you’ll also get a Liebeskind Berlin goodie bag?!

All this will take place on Thursday the 20th of June, Deira City centre, 11:30 AM onwards followed by lunch!



How to WIN?



/1/ Like Style Is Necessity on Facebook —> POW!
/2/ – Like Liebeskind Berlin —-> BAM!
/3/ Follow Style Is Necessity on twitter @Sinlovesyou / Instagram Styleisnecessity

/4/ Explain in the comment section below why you deserve to win and what will be the first place you would take your brand new Liebeskind Berlin bag to!
(Don’t forget to leave your email address)
Of course we will select our winner by the most original answers!

The competition runs only till 19th of june 9 AM, so be sure you won’t miss out!

Good luck!! xo Sam!




Hi all! Thank you so much for participating in the competition! It was very hard to pick a winner so I chose 4 of the best comments and blindly selected one of them….


Congratulations to Nadia!

You can come and pick up your price at the Liebeskind store in Deira city center! Next to that, you are also invited to the Liebeskind store opening and lunch! I will send you an email with more details.

Thanks a lot to all for participating!

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  1. Hi Samantha! This is such an awesome giveaway! Being one of the breadwinners of the family with so many people to support, I’ve never really indulged myself lavishly. Instead, I immediately think about saving and think twice before buying something for myself. However, since I work so hard I do deserve something really nice, like a gorgeous Liebeskind Berlin bag! If I’m lucky enough to win this beauty, the first place I’m going to take it is to my sister’s wedding later this year.

    • Dear Nadia,
      Thanks a lot for your comment! You have won the competition and you can come and pick up your bag at the Liebeskind Berlin store in Deira City center! The invitation for the store opening will be send to you by email.

      x Samantha

  2. Jane says:

    That colour is just amazing. The leather looks so soft. I need it in my life. I have a cup cake decorating party and this bag would be the icing on the cake. ;0)

  3. Such a great giveaway samantha,
    i would like to win this bag for my mom who covets handbags of all brands and colours and shapes.She does not have this lovely mintish colour in her handbag collection and i am sure it would make her day if i win it for her:)If she wins this bag,she will definitely wear it in europe on our oncoming vacation(i know her too well:p)

  4. martha says:

    i would like to win this handbag for myself as i am in love with the colour mint blue.Its a great colour for the summer and complements all my outfits especially my white summer dresses and colourful maxis.i am so happy that this brand is coming to the uae and i am ecstatic to visit the store opening.
    Hope to be lucky!

  5. Great Summer colour, need a versatile bag for my island hopping trip, first stop sardinia :)

  6. Hey Sam

    I fell in love with the bag ever since you displayed it on your blog and FB page. I went on a shopping spree this weekend after almost a years sabbatical from the malls because of my two little kiddie monsters who leave me no time for myself. Although I did manage to buy some clothes I had no time to shop for any accessories. This gorgeous piece of leather would be an amazing complement to my newly acquired wardrobe. I will be going to the theatre and what better way to receive an eye popping reception from my friends than this piece in mint condition!!!

  7. Marion says:

    Hi Sam,

    I love the bag! I really hope i can take it to Dubai or Ibiza. Probably it will be the gym!

    Thank you for your great blogs and fun articles. I really enjoy follow you!

  8. Love the color and the design! If I win the bag I would take it on my hiking trip to thailand. It is not the most glamorous place, but im sure the bag will add some glamour to my trip deep in the jungle! And the green will blend perfectly with the nature! x

  9. I always wanted a beautiful bag made from T-rex leather. And if I may have one, I will book a flight with Virgin Galactic, and sit next to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kucher, because an autograph from the two would fit the bag perfectly. And I will go to Transylvania to hang out with my buddies Frankenstein and Dracula. Oh my, they would be so jealous!

  10. Romy Rose says:

    Because i’m worth it.. Do i need to say more? :p
    And its my colour!!! My style.. My necessity!!

  11. nicola Kwekha says:

    Hi sam i deserve to win your bag because i have to be truthful i only posess one bag to my name. I know it sounds dire! But my single days are over and im a mum of three gorgeous children. If i had your bag i would practically take it everywhere and anywhere and i would be proud to have it on my arm or shoulder! It would be probably the most precious thing i would posess materialistic wise. Thanks for reading my comment. Xxx

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