So we all know that snow-whites stepmom had it sorted out pretty well. For years and years she managed to keep her face without wrinkles, her hair shiny and long, and her body fit.. The only thing she needed was a few drops of magic to guarantee her youth! Ahum.. Well that’s untill miss Snow-white came along and ruined the party… I bet her step mom begged for a portion of botox when her face turned back to a wrinkly peach… These days it’s still not that easy to keep ourselves young and in shape… injections, hair extensions, boring salads, sauna suits, snail trail cream, diet pills, jogging in 50 degrees, fake lashes.. should I say even more??



Next month the time has come that i’m officially turning 25.. A quarter of a century.. And I already feel old.. I sooo wish there still was a sip left of the forever young potion in Snow white…. Well there is some sort of solution! Even though I have passed the age.. I’m still having a bit of hope with Forever 21! WARNING, please note you will not actually stay Forever 21 by shopping here.. It might help you dress young trendy and epicly fashionable.. But please don’t style your granny in a Forever 21 evening dress for the weekly bingo night.. ;-)



So like all of us.. we sometimes need a bit of a revamp.. new outfit, new hair, new car.. And so does the Forever 21 store in Deira City center! Good things come for people who wait.. and yes.. It is finally coming! 

This saturday Forever 21 will open their freshly painted doors to the new mega super duper epic revamped store in Deira city center..! It’s bigger, it’s better, and you can be one of the first to visit the store!! What’s the deal? SIN got the exclusive opportunity to invite 21 readers to the store opening this saturday in Deira city center. You will be expected at 7:00 pm in the store, where they will preview you the brand new summer collection which is partly exclusive in Deira city center.. (so noooooo you can’t find it in Dubai mall, Mirdiff, IBN bantutta, Mall of emirates etc ) Next to that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony with the one and only Mr. Don Chang, founder of and owner of Forever 21. (fun facts about mr Don chang; Before starting forever 21 in 1984 Chang initially held three jobs at once, doing janitorial work, pumping gas and working in a coffee shop, now he is #79 on the Forbes US 400 most riches people list, as this busy bee is worth over 4.5 billion dollars.)
Oh, and there is also a band playing at the store ;-)

 Forever 21-SIN-3


Wanna be there? Better be fast! The first 21 people who RSVP their name and email address via twitter, email or in the comment section below will receive an exclusive invite to the store opening this saturday at 7 pm! Hurry and good luck!






Love & kisses! Sam


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