One thing that bothers me the most of the weekend is that it makes you so relaxed, you really struggle when that alarm goes of on Sunday morning! Yes, in Dubai the workweek starts Sunday for most of us!



So by the time it’s Tuesday, you really need something to break the week up! Luckily, it was all perfectly arranged for me this time! The lovely girls from TOH PR invited me to join them for cocktails, canapés and champaign at ZUMA during the DIFC ARTNIGHT, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the evening! (Helllloo… ??ZUMA!!!) Next to meeting some really amazing people, nipping the champaign and cocktails prepared us for making those heels last a bit longer, while strolling by the amazing art galleries that kept their doors open till midnight. I am a huge fan of design and art, but it seems that the art galleries in Dubai usually have opening timings for the jobless or the people that are rich enough to wonder around during the hours i’m at work. Uh yea, nine-to-six!
So “hallelujah” for DIfC artnight! A few dragon cocktail and amazing crunchy calamaris later, we moved from Zuma to the art galleries. One of the most outstanding artist of the night personally must have been Saddam Jumaily who had an exhibition in Artsawa gallery. The artworks are inspired by hidden feelings and emotions as he explains, “painting says what we can not hear”



It was really refreshing seeing the artworks of Saddam which to me express emotions and behaviors we all somehow have inside of us. (If you want to admit it or not..)



To celebrate tuesday a little more, we topped of the night with some yummy cocktails at the stunning restaurant Gauchos! Honestly, why is it not everyday Tuesday?! Thanks TOH PR!



Below some snaps of the evening!

Xo sam

For more info:

TOH pr

Saddam Jumaily



Artworks by Saddam Jumaily


Saddam Jumaily exhibition in ARTsawa



Zuma’s Yummy peppered squid!



Drinks at Gauchos


Sippin cocktails with the loved one!

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