Ever heard of the phrase “to Cotton on”? Well let me nicely copy paste this for you:

“One of the theories states that the phrase “cotton on” originated because moist cotton would stick to everything, so to cotton on to somebody was to become attracted to them. This theory is put as a definition in the 1869, Slang Dictionary , by John Camden Hotten. He wrote, “Cotton on, to like, adhere to, or agree with any person; “to COTTON on to a man,” to attach yourself to him, or fancy him, literally, to stick to him as cotton would.”

Another theory is that it refers to how cotton clothing would stick to other cotton clothing during a romantic encounter.”



Whatever the right history is to the phrase, one thing is for sure; I am definitely “Cottoned on” to COTTON ON!

Cotton on is an Australian fashion brand and it has just opened its 1070th store here in Dubai Deira city center!! Except for the hairs on my head I can’t even think of something that I have 1070 pieces of?! So I guess if you manage to open that many stores you must do something quite well! That’s why I decided to take a look for myself by heading over to the 1070th Cotton on store opening in Deira city center. I walked in to an event filled with drums, photo booths, confetti and amazingly priced high street fashion! Besides that, everyone got the opportunity to get 30% discount on everything and to make this even better…. a goodie bag at the cash counter! Hellooooo! That’s what I call a good celebration! Time to shop! Just for 400 dirham I bought denim shorts, a faux leather legging, 2 scarfs, sleeping shorts, a skirt, flip flops and accessories!! How to better shop on a budget!



Ever heard of the phrase “sharing is caring?” Well let me again explain to you; Because I care about my readers, why not spread the love! I am giving away a Cotton on goodie bag and….. a 100 AED gift voucher to spend on anything in the Cotton on store!!

What do you have to do?



– Like Styleisnecessity on Facebook
– Like Cotton on on Facebook
– Tell me in the most original way about something you really “cotton on” to in the comment section below!

The most original answer will be the lucky winner to the cotton on goodie bag and 100 AED to spend at Cotton on!



Good luck!

Below some pics of the event and the goodies I bought at cotton on!





Me shopping around!





Cute set of bracelets for only 10 aed!




Scarf & shorts – Cotton on



Scarf – Cotton on

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  1. Parul Ahuja says:

    For past 5 years, I have been completely and insanely ‘cottoned on’ to my husband :). He compliments me in every sense of the word and gives a sense of perfection in this imperfect world.

    Hope this cottoning continues till forever.

  2. Marion says:

    I’m completly cottoned onn to my IPhone. I know it’s a shame but without it i would be a mess!

  3. John Baker says:

    I most ‘cotton on’ to my B&W iPod dock. Without this I would only listen to silence and noise. The pleasure of listening to music gives me a great start to the day and an energetic boost before going out. Something I couldn’t live without!

  4. Jaime says:

    I cotton on on to an LBD and a well dress man with a nice smile :)

  5. Rhian says:

    I’m obsessively cottoned on to anything with a sequin :)

  6. Charmaine says:

    I cotton on Spa treatments. There’s nothing more relaxing that getting a nice massage after a hard days work!

  7. Hmmm at the moment I’m completely cottoned on to my outdoor yoga. I did without it for 5 years and hated living without it….

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