One thing is the unfortunate truth, not all of us are blessed with the comfort of a perfect PA who makes sure everything in life will be smoothly arranged and planned… So there is a chance that on the occasion you forget your uncles birthday, a conference call meeting, an “oh you have not been” event, or maybe even to feed your cat..? No, I’m not talking by experience as I am super organized.. ;-) Ahum. To tell you the truth, I am not. Unfortunately I have to write everything down.. And when I say everything.. I mean it. I am a huge fan of list, reminders, planners and calendars. The only issue for me is that in the “new world” everything is digitalized. And for some reason, all those mediums never seem to work along for me. Believe me, I have tried the “I have to write this down” versus the “let me put it in my fancy shmancy digital calendar” version. But I think nothing works better than a good old calendar to track on what day my VVIP birthdays and important events take place. What ever you prefer; a normal, or an online calendar, the good news is about to come!



Turns out I got my hands on some insider information and behind the scenes pictues of the fourth edition of the famous SPLASH calendar! As splash chose to fall in love with fashion two decades ago, the 2014 calander is named “In Love with fashion”



Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (4)

The super cool photo shoot is shot by Tejal Patni who has worked before with splash, Harvey Nichols, Levi’s, Bloomingdales, GQ and so on! If you are afraid of peep shows, please do not check out his uber cool website



Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (1)

Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (7)

Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (3)

Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (11)

As if there is not yet enough talent involved, the styling for this calendar is done by international designer Furne Amato. For the people who are still living under a rock; To tell you the truth, this Dubai based Filipino designer isn’t a designer. No not at all.. He is a composer! His work is out of this world and there is a lot more going on than just designing. By just looking at his work you can smell the creativity.



Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (9)

The 2014 Calendar will bring together the virtues of seasonless fabrics, the glamour and beauty of textures and love for designs.




Capturing and interpreting contemporary fashion culture the Calendar uses in-studio designed dramatic sets and lavish props to present 12 images that will evoke the sort of excitement that is expected of fashion when presented at its best!



Splash Calendar 2014_BTS (2)



I guess by now you realized that this is not just a regular calendar that you got for free at your local super market… Nope, we are talking about a piece of ART. And as an art is quite exclusive to get your hands on, there are only 500 of these calendars in Dubai, which go to only the opinion makers and select media of this Region.. Obviously I did my best to share something with you.. yea, i’m talking to you there behind the screen! I am happy to announce that I can give away 5 desktop calendars on the day of the launch next week! All you have to do is:



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the lucky 5 prize winners will be selected on friday the 20th of December.

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