Being creative can be quite hard when it comes naming you restaurant. However, Royal China just decided to throw it all in your face with their name. You get what they promise; Treated as royal while eating Chinese food. Simple as that. But that’s not where it stops, as I am going to tell you all about it!

One thing is for sure, if you arrive to a restaurant, and you see people dining from the country of cuisine they are serving, you know you are at the right place! And that was exactly the case at Royal China! Walking into the impressively decorated restaurant, my eyes opened wide while looking at the grande modern edition of a traditional Chinese chandelier, and the chairs with soft velvet, that suggested to seat only important royals. The beautiful ceiling high wine racks was one of the elements adding a modern twist that perfectly melted together with the traditional decorations.




So once we seated our royal backsides on the shiny Chinese velvet, a lovely Chinese lady explained us about the Chinese food. We were about to experience “the saturday dim-sum brunch!”


Starting off with choosing our cocktails…

We soon sipped on a mixture of beautifully flavored and textured cocktails that were tickling all of our senses. The cocktails were smelling fresh, pretty on the eyes but even better when actually tasted! They perfectly complimented the flavors of our hot steaming served dim sum.








The dim-sum gets freshly handmade every single day by the chefs that comes in while we are still snoring in our bed.
The soft dough has stuffing that varies from beef to chicken, fish and shrimp, all marinated in mouthwatering flavors.


One of the highlights during the brunch was the traditional “must try” tea! The tea, that made us feel very ZEN, got served in an entertaining traditional show..


Overall I can honestly say that Royal China is a beautiful modern Chinese restaurant that keeps it’s traditional value with real authentic flavors from China. If you want to try the real deal instead of western Chinese like PF Changs (which I love too) this is defo THE place to go to!

Service: 9.5
Interior: 8
Food: 7.5
Location: 9 (DIFC!)
Ambience: 8

IMPORTAINT NOTE: be prepared to get your belly seriously filled!


Outfit: T-shirt & necklace – Zara // Pants – Balenciaga // Bag – Bvlgari // Boots – Sergio Rossi

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