GOOD NEWS! I think I have finally overcome my “dark nail polish fear”. Every time I used to be in the salon for a mani, I picked up the black, deep blue and dark grey polish, inspected them closely and for some reason I alway put them back in their nicely arranged polish station! There is something scary about dark nail polish which always makes me hesitate.. and I can’t figure out why it gets me? It might be the relation to the gothic side of fashion. Or perhaps the association with witches and ugly Orks (although their nails are more dark brownish.) But I guess 2014 finally made me realize that dark nails are not only for goths, witches and rockstars. Nope, it can look damn elegant, sophisticated and fashionable! In the last manicure monday madness I tried out a dark grey with a white tip, and this week I gave a the deep midnight blue a chance. I think… I have fallen in love. Scroll to see why!




And the cool part is… The color changes in when you look at it in different shades of light!

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  1. Hi Samantha,
    I’m a huge fan of dark nail polish, especially during the winter months. You should definitely try Lincoln Park After Dark and Get in the Expresso Lane from OPI. They are my two go-to dark colors. Edgy and classy at the same time.

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