Besides the word “arrigato” my Japanese language skills are sadly very low. That is off course if the words like “maki” “wasabi” and “nigiri” don’t count. Because if they do, I definitely speak Japanse on an advanced level. I even dream in the Japanese language.. That’s probably because all of the words I know are edible..
Now you have to understand, my obsession for Japanse food goes far. So far that instead of falling asleep counting sheep, I love to count flying nigiri’s… hopping over chopsticks, dipping themselves in little soy-sauce bowls. What’s more satisfying than that as the last image before you fall asleep! Anyway like usual, let’s get back to the point here. For this fashionable food friday I received a black box from this new place called sushi art. First of all you have to really know the following: I am definitely not a “backside kisser” and everything I am about to write is my honest and truthful opinion! And in case you didn’t noticed yet, I am an experienced, if not, professional sushi eater. In fact, if the amount of sushi I ate in my life could turn me Japanese, I would now sit under a blossom tree wearing my kimono and chopsticks in my hair, writing this blogpost with Picachu playing on the background.

So here we go..


Long ago, (last week), a magical prince riding a white horse knocked on my door with a special delivery. Ok maybe not completely true, but it almost felt like a fairy-tail.. So Sanjeev, riding an epic cool black sushi art scooter, delivered me a black box…


And fairy tail or not, it felt like I just received a golden treasure chest filled with magically sushi (still telling the truth)

The box I received is named “black box luxe” Containing sushi like dynamite roll, flower power spring roll, truffle tarama roll and one of the best sushi I have ever had…..: the seared scallop sushi!


The box had the perfect amount to please 3 to 4 people, which in this case was my hubby John and my friend Tom. The most honest review was, apart from hmmmmm sounds, the complete silence while eating the sushi.


All three of us agreed that this sushi was something on an other level. This was not just a new sushi hut trying to be different with a lot of weird ingredients.. This is a sushi restaurant delivery sushi without losing quality while using unexpected ingredients that are not too empowering and adding an amazing twist to something so simple!


I seriously hate it when my crispy tempura roll arrives soft and saggy but for some reason this was still perfectly crisp. Next to the that, there was zero tolerance for bad presentation. The packaging, the shiny menu, and the sushi all looked and tasted like it would be served at Nobu, or Zuma… Maybe even better!


And I do believe that you were just lucky enough to read one of my most honest and highest reviews score ever:

Taking the order: 9,5
Delivery time: 9,5
Presentation: 9,7
Taste: 9
Price: 8

Overall satisfaction: EPIC!!


Perfect for: As sushiART is not cheap, you will have to pay a bit of cash (395aed) for this box, however, this sushi is the best you can get for home delivery and it can easily compete with Dubai’s best dine-in Japanese restaurants! YUM!

More info & delivery:

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