Today is a kind of special episode of manicure Monday! Mainly as I was featured in the “NAIL FILES” by Emirates woman magazine, but also because I am sharing with you guys my favourite and hottest nail trend for the season! More questions? Just start reading the below!


Current Nail Shade:
Crisp white with metallic strips

I always have my nails done by… Profile salon in Harvey Nichols or by.. Me! Only when I get in the creative mood though! Love to try out new stuff.

I get my nails done every
week or two..

I never match my mani and pedi because..
I just can’t choose one colour.. It might be just as hard as picking an Instagram filter for my pictures!

My favourite brand is…
Ciate. They have so many cool nail polish colours and on top of that, they are always the first ones to bring out new trends like caviar nail, velvet nails, matte polish etc.

My favourite nail spot is…
Snob salon on al Wasl road. It has just been opened and when I’m not in a rush I love to go and get pampered there.

My trick to making your polish last longer:
Wear rubber gloves while doing your dishes, or just wear them 24/7. Your polish will last longer guaranteed :-)

My trick for healthier nails:
Obviously, nails don’t belong in between your teeth. Biting nails is the worst thing to do to them! Aside from that, multi vitamin tablets should do the trick to make them stronger and healthier.

My celeb nail crush:
Rihanna and Beyonce! I love how renewing and daring their nails are! Except for the length of their nails, Which isn’t my cup of tea, they definitely know how you can polish to impress!

If I could name my favourite shade I would call it..
SIN! Obviously it stands for a daring or dark and mysterious color.. Something like a deep night blue or a blood red perhaps?

My favourite nail tool…
Some good old clippers! They will never go out of fash! Always come in handy to clean, file and cut those nails that break when you just don’t have time for a full on mani.

Biggest nail regret…
Long nails! They turn your hands into claws and it just doesn’t look near as good as perfectly short trimmed nails. Keep em short ladies :-)



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