Before reading this post I need to provide you guys with the following definition:


ob·ses·sion  (əb-sĕsh′ən, ŏb-)

1. The domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
2. A compulsive fixation; consumption with belief or desire



After understanding the definition of obsession you would think it is quite a big step for someone to admit when they are obsessed with something. Obsessed people often come with strange behaviour, specially when the feeling of craving is overtaking normal social behaviour. I have been a witness of this form of behaviour.. After deep research and studies (done by me) I came to the conclusion that a feeling of “obsession” is more likely to occur with females than males. And when you segregate the females into groups by interests, the percentage of woman with obsessive behaviour is the highest in the group with the following interest: FASHION. Yes, this group of females also categorized as “Fashionistas” can turn fairly dangerous when obsession and fashion are paired. We might even conclude that their behaviour could turn quite animalistic, especially when periods of sale, or brand new collections hit the store. Yes.. perhaps it happened a few times to myself too. A few to many, to be honest, which brings me to my latest obsession: the FENDI DEMI JOUR!




When FENDI hit my radar with their 2 jour bags, it was the beginning of a new era; “The Fendi Obsession”. why? Lets sum it up: Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi Monsters, colour blocking, quality, elegance and so on. The good part is that Fendi has made a sister of the 2 jour bag; the Demi-Jour. I don’t really know why they call it the sister of the 2jour bag, as after hours of comparing and staring, the 2 still don’t look anything like each other. Yes, one similarity is the recognizable Fendi metal bar that runs across the top of the bag, which you’ll also see on the top of the Demi-Jour. And that’s about as similar as it gets.  For now I’ll just make the conclusion that the Demi-jour is the adopted sister or the 2jour as their DNA similarity must be about 0%, which doesn’t make it anything less amazing and pretty!




So here comes the good part. After months of obsession, the best feeling is when you finally get what you wished for.. Thanks to Fendi I’m very proud to say that I now have a new candy hanging on my arm..the FENDI demi jour!

The Bi-colour cobalt blue and milk white Demi Jour calfskin shoulder bag has an easy top handle that is nice for evening occasions, and also comes with an adjustable strap for a more casual look. Fully made in Italy it is a gorgeous piece of work. The design of the bag feels minimal and elegant. It has a different look from every angle. The colours of the leather are perfect for spring as the pastel yellow on the sides adds that bit of funky-ness whilst still being elegant. The leather is a high quality grained calf leather that hardly stains and is great for warding off accidental spills at ladies night.




The size of the Demi-Jour is also way more practical for me than a bigger bag. I believe I can speak for every woman that the bigger the bag, the bigger the mess that goes inside. The bag has 2 different compartments – One with a zipper along the top and one with a concealed magnetic-fastening front flap which makes it very easy for me to organize my stuff. In one side I carry all my make-up, hand cream and beauty mess, and on the other side I keep my important and easy accessible stuff such as my phone, wallet and notebook.

 I seriously can’t wait to show you guys some looks and outfit posts with my new beauty! Until then, stay obsessed, you never know where it might get you ;-)


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  1. ladyrora says:

    I’m kinda obsessed with it too. can’t take the demi jour (and the 2jours!) outta my mind.

    only that I have splurged in ferragamo late last year so i’m kinda withholding myself for a while..

    tired of obsessions.. (sigh).. though it’s soo satisfying!

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