I can officially give you guys the memo..
You can forget your high heels and boots this season as they can be stored in a box under you bed. What will you be taking out of that storage box instead? Comfort shoes!! And yes, they are aloud to be ugly, bulky, tom-boy-ish and unsexy. So be kind and blow the dust off your old pair of Birkenstocks and show them a bit of daylight! From Sergio Rossi’s flatforms to Marni sandals and Givenchy floral Birkenstocks, it’s all fashionably acceptable again. Time to take on the challenge and show you guys some of the most “challenging” footwear of the season, and the perfect examples on how to wear them! PS: I won’t take any responsibility for angry boyfriends and husbands who most likely are going to hate me for convincing you on what you are about to see.. *WINK* ;-)


There you go! A beautiful collage bringing up the burning question… HOT or NOT?? For me the answer is clear…, HOT! Check out my flatforms that I bought at TOPSHOP for only 250 AED.


And how I wore them the other day…




And finally, this seasons favorite comfort shoes!!


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