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6:30 AM the alarm goes off, and with one eye open I walk to the bathroom to have a shower and brush my teeth. As I head over to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, the question comes to my mind.. What to wear today?! Luckily I usually open my cupboard, pick a random item and within a minute I build an outfit around it. As picking outfits is mainly what I do all day at work, it is quite a manageable task for me ;-) The only assignment I have to keep in mind is that my look has to be suited for a fashionable and corporate work environment while still being comfortable.. No worries, it is easier than it sound. But what if your day looks completely different than going to work? For example what would you wear when it is your wedding day and you happened to be a king living in Bhutan? Or what would be the most tactical outfit if you wake up as a wrestler from Mongolia and it is the big day of the wrestlers games? Yea.. Tell me about it, I would have no clue what to wear and I would probably be KO before the wrestling game start.


As I just had a trip to one of the coolest fashion city’s in the world, Antwerp, one thing was for sure, I had to go and show you guys whats happening in this vibrant and young fashion hub!
3rd year bachelor students of the fashion department of the Royal acedemy of fine arts in Antwerp were the lucky ones to research the interesting question; What would they wear?
They had to design a collection that was based on a preliminary studies of ethnical culture and clothing. The study lead to interesting and surprising discoveries, which, combines with the students experiences gave rise to an original collection.

Using the ethnical costumes and recourses as a reference the students recreated a typical silhouette. The patterns, structures, volumes, fabrics accessories, grooming and decoration, had to be examined and recreated but combined with their own creativity and vision. You can clearly see that the students have done their research in traditional finishes of the clothes. In my opinion I think it is really enjoing looking at the end results of something so traditional combined creativity of modern young students.

Below are some pics I took of the super interesting silhouettes that when I visited the exposition at the Antwerp fashion museum.













Oh, and why not finish off with a random selfie in the middle of the exhibition ;-)


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