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Every once in a while we all need a bit of a make over.. Sometimes this means a nice new haircut or perhaps a revamp of your wardrobe. We all do it, and yes, it feels gooood. So good, that you usually you shine a bit more, and get a smile on your face every time someone noticed your little makeover. That is if you do it well off course…
So the other day I was walking in the Dubai mall, and I noticed a bit of a change. Even though it still smelled the same.. something looked different. And I mean different in a good way. Something I would hardly notice before, hit my radar. Finally I could put the smell together with the restaurant. It was Eric Kayser, and the smell of fresh butter, bread and pastries! Turns out Mr Eric Kayser had a bit of a make-over! Still the same good old bakery, but just with a different coat, a fresh haircut and new shiny shoes. Yep, restaurants can get make-overs too. And then I’ll come in to see what we exactly think of this makeover..


One thing that is important to me when you enter a restaurant is how you get welcomed. And Eric has taught his troops well.


Warmly welcomed by the restaurant team, that were dressed in a perfect french outfit, I sat at the table in order to get introduced to Eric Kayser. Eric Kayser is a Boulangerie from Paris origin and it seems like that has still not changed. The fresh bread was exactly how french bread should be; crispy from the outside and soft and fluffy from the inside. if you don’t hear a Krrrrr noise when you break a bread, you should not even want to give it the honour or filling your tummy. The twist on the bread serving was the pairing with Zatar and Labneh. Personally I don’t think french bread should be served with anything else than butter, oil or balsamic, however knowing that the visitors of Dubai mall has so many different ethnic background I can bear with the Zatar. After the bread we got spoiled with a good mixture of dishes, all served with the traditional french bread. Most importantly, Eric Kayser has kept one of the most important touches of french cooking: French refined ingredients. And this was something I tasted throughout the whole menu. The salads had gorgeous dressings and a combi of tasteful ingredients such as pomegranate, cheeses and grilled veggies. Besides from the french cuisine, Eric Kayser’s new concept is to cater to every taste bud which is wise considering their location. Especially for a person like me, who can never pick something on the menu, there was tons to choose from. From chicken tikka sandwiches with corn and avocado to juicy Thai green curry, there was surely something for everyone on the table. Even though I felt super much at home at Eric Kayser, all good things come to an end. And that end was even better with a full belly, worth every calorie spent! 


The score:

Good: The bread! – Location – finest ingredients – wide range of dishes

Bad: Music (which later changed to nice french music) Knowledge  / concept explanation of chef 

Service: 7
Serving time: 8
Presentation: 7
Taste: 7
Price: 8
Variation of menu: 8,5
Interior: 7

Total score: 7,5


Good bread doesn’t lie,

Baked every day Over 60 types of breads cakes pastries


Yummy and healthy salads…



Good bread filled with tasteful ingredients…



Healthy oven baked salmon…


And a good full flavored curry to get that bit of spice in your life ;-)

And like the cherry on the cake, every french person will tell you, a meal is worth nothing if not finished of with a good desert..




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