Today I think it is time we have to talk about addiction.. Yes that’s right, something you can’t get enough of and sometimes you will do whatever it takes to get it.. Today is the day I finally realized that fashion has taken control over me, and not me having control over fashion, which normally a stylist should have..



So the big question is.. how did this happen? After a lot of analysing I realized it is all blamed on something called the “end of season madness”.
The time of the year that all of my favourite brands and shops manage to make me lose control by giving discounts that create a huge damage to society… No I am not only talking financial damage, because that is usual during sale periods. What I really mean is that woman will find ANY excuse to buy.. A woman will fool herself so hard during sale she can outgrow Pinnoccio’s nose.






Do you recognize the following —> “Oh I really need a pair of black pumps with heels in the shape of a lipstick!!” If you are not quite sure if you are one of those.. please try the following. Think back on the last 3 fashion purchases you made. If at least 1 of them was something you did not need, you have to have a word with yourself. If you made 2 out of 3 purchases you do not need, hide your credit card, and if you scored 3 out of 3, please lock the front door. You are a danger to yourself, and perhaps to people around you. *Unless you’re a Jumeirah-Jane in which case you can disregard ANY rules. Just make sure it will fit your walk in wardrobe. If not, demand a bigger villa.

Unfortunately I have to admit I am enormously guilty and perhaps I need more than one lock on my front door. The worst part is that I can not even categorize my addiction. Am I a bag addict? Am I a sunglasses addict or perhaps a shoe addict? Maybe I should be honest with myself and admit I have a global addiction for everything that smells like fashion..






And to not feel like I am any different from you guys, I am going to test your addiction.. If your nostrils move when you smell polished leather, your ears move when you hear clicking heels, and you smile when you feel soft soles, I am here to help you with your addiction. SHOES!!.. HOW? By giving away a gift voucher to the one and only SHOEMART!






With already 13 locations in Dubai, surely you must have paid a visit to Shoemart! It is one of Dubai’s best home grown brands which actually makes you feel good when you buy a pair of new shoes! (instead of feeling a huge sense of guilt when you hand over your dirhams to the cashier)

And to make this even more fun, I am giving away not one…. but TWO 150 AED vouchers to spend at  shoemart!
So..Whats the crack?



#1. Tell me in the comment section below why you need a pair of new shoes… (this will be an easy one for sure ;-)
#2 Name 3 locations where you can find Shoemart in Dubai
#3 Like!
– SIN on Instagram and Facebook
– SHOEMART on Instagram and Facebook



The competition will close on 15 July 18:00 which will lead to two lucky winners announced on the same day!
Good luck my little addicts!

xo Sam



Shoe Mart

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  1. Ghazal says:

    1 – I need a new pair of shoes because my brother is getting married in a months time and I really need an extraordinary pair of shoes at an affordable price which im sure Shoemart will have!

    2 – I usually shop at Shoemart Mall of the Emirates, Shoemart in The Dubai Mall and Shoemart in Mirdiff City Centre.

    3 – Liked all 4 pages already!

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  3. I am a complete shoe freak and nothing can better my mood than a pair of heels or ballerinas peering at me through the stores,i get an instant mood uplift when i doll them up in my shoe closet

    Mall of the Emirates
    Dubai mall
    Mirdif city centre

    Loved and adored all pages

  4. Belinda says:

    I am a shoe obsessed and I can never have too many as I use them every day! I desperately want new shoes for my upcoming birthday as a present to myself and steal the show with my new shoes!

    IBN bantuta
    Dubai mall
    Deira city centre

    Thanks a lot for this great give-away and I love reading your blog!

    xxxx Belinda

  5. Rachel says:

    I need a new pair of shoes as mine broke and I had to superglue them back together :(

    Locations – midriff, Dubai mall, MoE

  6. I need to own a fabulous pair of shoes from Shoe Mart to transform all the outfit’s in my wardrobe to a fabulous one… No outfit is complete without the shoes!

    Locations- MOE, Dubai Mall, IBN Battuta

    Love your blog Sam- keep up the good work! :)

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