There is nothing quite like the feeling of travel butterflies in your tummy. Oh yea, I can feel em right now, while typing this post.. And you know what, it is quite a hard to actually get them.. Travel butterflies can instantly creat a smile on your face or give you that extra push to get through the hard days at work. With some people it can even give them the confidence to wear that ugly Hawaii themed floral shirt to the airport, just because THEY CAN! :-)

So how does this work? Don’t expect you will feel them every time you travel, because that means businessman will be full of it… Nope, work travel is excluded from the travel butterflies. First step is to book a Holliday, with a friend or a partner, way in advance, preferable +1 month or above. The more your mind goes out to who, what, and where you will go, the bigger the butterflies will get. And for me they are about to explode! For over 3 months John and I have been booking and planning out yearly Europe trip. What’s the schedule? Fist we are starting off with pubs, family and friends in John’s hometown Manchester. From there we fly over to Ibiza to chill at the beautiful beaches, with yummy food and amazing parties. If thats not good enough we visit my brother in the Belgium capital of fashion Antwerp to eventually finish the trip with my family, friends, and not to forget the Gay Parade in the canals of Amsterdam!

Follow my trip with the short travel blogpost episodes that are about to follow in the upcoming days, full with my inspirations, outfits and travel updates!

First of, check out these super cool His & Hers personalized passport holders that Aspinal of London specially personalized for John & me! Besides from that, they also persoanlize bags, wallets and other goodies so be sure to check out their store in Abu dhabi! Love it!





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