Like probably most people in the world, I am not a fan of things that are boring. So how come that 99.9 % from the people that use a SLR camera still try to rock the old boring camera strap? If you are interested in photography, you must be creative. And if you are creative, boring should never be the answer.

You might have noticed that I love to design accessories whenever I have a bit of spare time (which is unfortunately rare) And when I was interviewing Mega super blogger Bryan boy a while ago, he told me how much he loved my handmade necklace! (Pet on my own back ;-) )
So thats when the idea came to my mind to personalize an unique camera strap specially for Bryan.



After many yawns, heavy eyelids and Hours of work I finished this little gem full with hidden personalized messages.


Can you spot all of these Bryanboy inspired hidden messages? #fiecelikealion #fashion #gay #angelwings #fashionweek #paris #london #newyork #drugs #worldtravel #goodluckhorseshoe #blogger #photagraphy


So yep, that worked out well! However, it cost me so much time to make the strap that 1. I can’t find the time to make one for myself, and 2. Now I end up with no camera strap at all as I used mine for Bryanboy!

So how are we gonna solve this? By a very easy DIY! What will you need? Fist off a camera off course and secondly a piece of material that is strong enough to carry the weight of the camera. Brainstorm: piece of rope, gold metal chain, nice stoke of beautiful fabric, a thick shoe lace or maybe a beautiful ribbon.


For my strap I used a piece of fabric that belongs to an old dress I hardly use. The fabric has a different print on both sides so makes it even more fun to combine with my outfits.



Et voila!! Just make sure you tie a very strong knot or use a needle and thread secure that the strap stays attached to your camera and you are ready to shoot!! I am ready to snap away this Holliday! Stay tuned!

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  1. OMG these diy are amazing
    Thank you for sharing
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

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