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There is something special about discovering new things. Christopher Columbus discovered America, but I am talking about a discovery even bigger than that! Well at least to me it is.. (sorry America)! Being the nice person I am, I’m going to share this special find with you ;-)
I am talking about my new bag from WAUW & LULU. And wauw it is!







Wauw & Lulu epitomizes everything that the current fashion world stands for.. Like Coco chanel said; “Less is more”. AMEN, we have heard you loud and clear.






Born under the palm trees, raised in a concrete jungle, full-grown in simplicity.
After many years of eyeing and trying all kinds of bags, but never finding THE right bag, the ladies from Wauw & Lulu decided to join forces and start their own bag label home brewed in Holland. These bags are perfect to accompany our everyday life, globetrotting the world and partying through the nights!






Inspired by paradoxes; palm trees vs. concrete, dreamer vs. down-to-earth, luxury vs. simplicity, saints vs.sinners.





Look details:

Coat – Céline // top & leather culotte pants – Zara // Sandals – Marni // Bag – Wauw & Lulu



Besides from beautifully clean designs the quality of these hand made bags are absolutely exquisite which makes them not just for a season but created for a lifetime.








If you are ready for a bit more Wauw & Lulu scroll down to see my favourite bags of their current collection! 



_MG_5124-bewerktkopie WAUW&LULU_9741 WAUW&LULU_7534 WAUW&LULU_7500 2014-12-22 22.09.25 _MG_7850-Recovered _MG_7829 _MG_5532-bewerktkopie



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