BANANA REPUBLIC launched their new SS15 collection last week in the Media One hotel and I can not be more excited about telling you all the details!! WHY? Because Banana Republic has recently appointed Marissa Webb as their new creative director!











Being a huge fan of Marisa Webb basically means that from now on I will be an official Banana Republic groupie..! Marisa Web, who has been J.CREW’S creative director for over a decade, is know for her urban-chic sportswear collections. She left J.CREW 5 years ago to start her own collection and in 2014 she joined GAP inc. when they hired her as the creative director and the vice president of Banana republic. Quite an impressive resume I would say!






The summer 2015 collection is the first that was created completely under her direction, and it shows: Crisp whites are punctuated with cool black leather pieces; big floral patterns and perfectly fitted separates were all given the kind of effortless styling we’ve come to expect from the designer.




“It wasn’t just about one inspiration,” Webb reveals of her starting point for Summer 2015 , “It was about Banana Republic and how to move forward, and it was about wardrobe and taking a little bit of the seriousness out of it and having more fun with it.” Which isn’t to say there wasn’t a vision behind the line of black and white separates, floral prints and layering pieces. “The phrases I was using were ‘road trip, ‘open road’ and ‘freedom,’ Webb continues, “It was about adding color, adding whimsy and playfulness to the collection, as well as breaking out of traditional workwear.






















What I love the most about the collection is that BR managed to take a brand that has such strong heritage and changed it to a young fashionable collection, while still staying in the same price point!















This season she’ll also took BR to New York Fashion Week— which is a first for the label.








To give you guys a chance to enjoy a bit on the new collection I am giving away a Banana republic necklace, and a super handy cross over bag! 














All you have to do is the following:

/1/ Like Style Is Necessity —> POW!
/2/ Follow SIN on Instagram -> BOOM
/3/ Explain in the comment section below why you deserve to win and what will be the first place you would wear the necklace or the bag to!
(Don’t forget to leave your email address)

Of course we will select our winner with the most original answer!

The competition runs only till the 30th of April, so be sure you won’t miss out!

Good luck with the competition!! xo Sam!








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  1. Janice says:

    I think I deserve to win because I love Banana Republic, I’ve been a fan for a number of years, so when I moved to Dubai and found out the brand was here I was over the moon. I would wear the bag and necklace to a festival, as I’ve got a few coming up, I would wear a kimono, shorts, vest and a pair of gladiators sandals to finish off the look.

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