Get your balloons out as this month we are celebrating a very very special birthday! Mall of emirates has turned 10 years young and to celebrate this decade packed with shopping and fashion they teamed up with Harvey Nichols to organised a mind blowing 5 fashion shows! As it happens that I work as a stylist for Harvey Nichols “BIG SMILE”, the team and I worked hard in the last few weeks to pull off a multi brand fashion show that was held in the beautiful Mall of Emirates atrium. The looks I pulled had to cater to a wide range of taste and customers that visit Mall of the emirates.  We showcased spot on trends such as Denim, bohemian, devine long dresses, white on white, mens streetwear and modern tailoring. Besided from that we also had a few fashion shows with some super cute kids showcasing Mini-me looks, matching with their parents. As all eyes were on the runway, every detail counted which you can see back in the snaps of the show. Obviously I also added some backstage shots to see what really goes on behind the screen!

Hope you like the looks!



All the good stuff is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai – Mall of emirates



IMG_0630 IMG_0617 IMG_0636 IMG_0638 IMG_0624 IMG_0634 IMG_0628 IMG_0639 IMG_0649 IMG_0626 IMG_0646


Final check with the events team.






The Harvey Nichols team and I all prepped and ready for the show to start!


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IMG_0653 The Full Spring Summer 2015 collections are available in Harvey Nichols Dubai Mall of Emirates

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