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Sometimes there are milestones in life you will never forget. The goal from there onwards is to work harder and make that milestone your standard. One of these milestone for me is being recognized and selected as one of the Rising Social and digital stars to watch in the global Sermo digital influencer index, the first network that carefully selects and calculates the importance of bloggers and influencers that shape the digital industry world wide. 

This list is created based on a unique digital influence scoring algorithm, the results consider both your influencer ‘data score’ (reach across all platforms) as well as a “relationship score”, based on the relationship PR agencies build working with us. 


Everyone these days claims to be important and influential but how do you measure someones self acclaimed success? The Sermo digital influencer index is one step closer to a more honest and measurable tool for companies and Pr agencies in the world, and to make it to this list is a pretty big deal if I may say so myself. ;-) Sometimes it feels damn good getting a nice opportunity to give yourself a little pat on the back! Those moments are the reason why we go mad for that perfect picture, work long hours to perfectly finish off that project, or kill to get our hands on that special dress, and then to share with the world what we love and what inspires us! These moments will give the drive to do what I do with a passion, and being recognized for that is extremely special to me!



Only 4 months ago I decided to leave my job as a stylist for Harvey Nichols to start as a freelance stylist and creative. Leaving a journey behind after 5 years was the scariest thing I had done in a long time. But like they say, if you haven’t tried, you’ll never know.


So yes, say hello to Samantha Francis, a rising social and digital star! #omgomgomgomg #sooooooexcited #stillcantbelieveit #justgettingstarted #hashtag 


Thank you @sermocomms @mojo_pr for recognizing and respecting me and other hard working creatives around the globe! 

Don’t forget to follow my life story unfold on Snapchat! Trust me, it’s a fun one!

 ? @SIN-Lovesyou


An extra special congrats to my epic girl friend and bridesmaid, Kat Lebrasse for also making it to this list as a rising social & digital star! You are the best!!

Also in this “important people list” is the gorgeous Huda Beauty, who made it to the global top 16 influencers list (with over 12.7 million people worldwide following her life), and a big shout out to everyone in the UAE top 10 below:

Huda beauty

Secret Squirrel

The fierce diaries

Esther Quek





Five five fabulous

Travel junkie diary

SERMO’s global rising social and digital stars (by country)



Amanda Mabel

Eleanor Pendleton



Lele Saddi

2Beauty (Marina Smith)



晚晚_ (Wanwan Lei)

张大奕EVE (Zhang Yi)



Petits Beguins (Maia Putelat Canet)

Souk and Pix (Sonia)



Caro Daur

Ebba Zingmark


Hong Kong

Xoxofei (Feiping Chang)

SueChangg (Sue Chang)



Merrylin Boro

Rasna Bhasin



Lauren Bejaoui

The Daily S’Elf (Nadia El Ferdaoussi)



Catherine Poulain

Ivano Marino



Ekskluzywny Menel (Kamil Pawelski)

Mr Vintage (Michał Kędziora)



How to Green (Alexandra Novikova)

Polina Rai (Polina Raiskaya)



Lennardy (Lennard Yeong)

Tabitha Nauser



MariaFrubies (Maria F-Rubíes Soler)

MonicAnoz (Monica Anoz)



Lebrasse (Kat Lebrasse)

Style is Necessity (Samantha Francis)



Livia’s Kitchen (Olivia Wollenberg)

We Are Twinset (Sarah Tankel Ellis & Philippa Bloom)



Gal Meets Glam (Julia Engel)

A Guy Named Patrick (Patrick Janelle)

To finish off, check out these top 9 tips for building rewarding relationships with digital influencers! 


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