Now we all know that there are things people talk about, and sometimes the only answer you can give is.. “Yeah, I haven’t seen it, I haven’t done it, I always wanted to go there.”
Guess what? Last night it was one of those “I finally saw it kinda nights!”
After so many years being in love with Musicals (yes, I know that sounds kinda Jazz hands-ish) I finally saw the musical CATS!

Some show off facts:

  • Seen by over 73 million people worldwide
  • Winner of 2 Grammy and 7 Tony awards
  • Has enchanted audiences in over 300 cities worldwide 
  •   One of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history  
  • “Shows don’t come much better than this – It’s absolutely brilliant” – Daily Express

To say it in short – This musical is packed with some amazing talent – Actors with the kind of singing skills you wouldn’t dare to dream off when singing with a hairbrush in the bathroom, and gymnastic talent you usually only see at the olympics. FACT: I honestly got goosebumps during the show!

Best way to find out more about CATS is to just go and see for yourself (so at least you can be like “yeah I saw that!” Next time someone asks you about CATS!)

The musical is extended till the 28th of January 2017 – and after that you will have to travel to see this show!

Defo don’t miss it!
Obvs I got some exclusive behind the scenes footage for you guys.. Check out the pics below, and quickly head over to my Instagram to see how the night went on my my instastories! Instagram



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