Long, Long ago, (about 24 years)
There was a girl, far far away,
(yeah, Holland is pretty far if you have to walk it on wooden shoes!)

She was named, Samantha Francis.
Born in a small town in Holland, raised in a big city.. she got under the spell of a wicked prince..

That would be cool right? An about page just as entertaining as a fairytale ;-) Yeah right, lets get real..

Worked as a Paper-girl, waitress, Entertainer, Set dresser, performer, stylist, webshop owner and visual merchandiser, (Yes, in that exact order ;-) She now finally works happily as a Stylist for a high end Luxury department store.

Started her Blog in the desperate need to ensure her creative brain will not get filled with Dubai desert sand, but with anything entertaining in the field of Fashion and lifestyle!


So why name it SIN? SIN stands for Style Is Necessity.. And that is exactly the message SIN would like to spread in Dubai.. Glitter and Glamour, Diamonds and Dirhams.. Gucci and Pucci, we have seen it all.. Its easy to hop in an outfit bought of a rack in a high end fashion heaven.. But only once you start combining those pieces with your own creativity, you will create Style. Dare to challenge Middle Eastern fashion habits, Dare to be different, DARE TO BE A FASHION SINNER! Buy those amazing unbranded vintage shoes, Take a scissor and cut your jeans, Perhaps steal that 1970’s glitter sweater from mom’s closet and pimp it into a skirt. Its not about Who you wear, or What you wear, but How you wear it..

And if you need a bit of help.. maybe SIN can help you out ;-) Trying to stay updated of worldwide lifestyle trends, you can find post about DIY’s, daily outfits, fashion news, design goodies, art or whatever inspires!

xo Sam