Since many years, I just can’t get enough of holga, fish-eye and other lomography goodies..! During my studies I always had the most fun while being in the photography studio experimenting with the effects of a picture. While fishing around this week at Collette in Paris (a must visit shop if you don’t know it yet!!!) and I found this super cool Iphone cover! It is absolutely way more epic than an Instagram filter as you can really experiment with your camera in 3d! The cover basically has a rotating disc with 9 different lens that will totally pimp out your pics! There are some pretty asesome effects such a heart filter, a holga vinegrette hole, and a filter that will triple your images.. I bought this beauty for 30 euro at Collette in Paris, but I just googled and you can also buy them in the Middle east (way cheaper) on! (search: Holga iphone cover) How can you not love this goodie!!



Holga iphone cover lens options:

Dual Image Lens – Makes 2 identical images in one frame

Triple Image Lens – Makes 3 identical images in one frame

Quadruple Image Lens – Makes – wait for it – 4 identical images in one frame

Macro Lens – Get close-up on your subject for amazing detail!

Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center – Red color filter with a clear, heart-shaped center

Red Filter – For a rose-colored look

Green Filter – Give your photos a green tinge

Yellow Filter with Clear Center – A yellow color filter with a clear circle at the center.

Blue Filter with Clear Center – A blue color filter with a clear circle at the center

Holga Hole – A soft lo-fi vignette around your image




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