Have you ever had the feeling of losing something, and when it is gone, you suddenly realize how badly you want it back? It makes your realize that everything can come and go? Sound a bit dramatic right? Good.. That’s how I felt in the last 2 weeks.. Let me start at the beginning of the story…



One of my favorite things to blog about is streetsyle. I love to go out, talk to people I meet on the streets, and take photographs of what they are wearing.. The only way to find out what’s trending, is by seeing it implemented on a real life catwalk.. the streets.. An amazing period to spot trends is in Paris during fashion week.. It’s a paradise to discover new styles, creations, labels and designers..  However.. as everything can come and go… so does fashion week and the hordes of fashionable visitors. My friend in Paris told me that an other awesome place to snap streetsyle shots in is in front of Colette! (a super funky store in Paris which I wrote about before here) I laced up my sneakers, packed all my paparazzi gear and mentally transformed in to a japanese tourist… Off to Colette! The perfect thing about Colette is that like attracts like.. (no, I do not receive endorsement cash every time I mention their name ;-) ) Where there is fresh and brand new merchandise sold, you will spot the people wearing the stuff in the same category.. So I was super happy that after some time shooting with my camera, I managed to snap some awesomly raw, renewing and trendy people!



Leaving the location satisfied, I could not wait to share these pictures with you guys! As soon as I came home I transformed from the Japanese tourist into blogging mode.. But once I fed my memory card to my laptop, I shockingly discovered that 80% of the pictures are GONE!! Lost, down the drain, out the window, varnished, turned to dust..! I’m not someone to easily panic.. Usually I can rationalize a problem, find a way to solve it or get over it.. But when you spend so much time taking pictures, talking to people and handing out cards so they can see back their shots, it’s a bit hard to press the rewind button and do it all over again..



For over 2 weeks I desperately tried to get the pictures recovered from the memory card.. I went to a software store, searched on Dubizzle (Dubai’s eBay) for people who specialise in IT stuff and I downloaded 8 different programs that can recover files from memory cards, but none of them seemed to find the right pictures.. They almost made me question if I wasn’t hallucinating about ever taking the pictures! And just when you are about to give up.. someone overhears my conversation and advised me to download Photorec.. And yes.. After 30 minutes of recovery scanning I all of a sudden see a picture appearing with a trendy yellow pants.. You probably can imagine how relieved I am to have them back! So after all, things can come and go.. but when they come back, it feels even better than ever before!

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xo Sam!





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