Hokkaido seafood festival time!


When you hear the word “festival” you usually know you are going to have a good time. But when we are talking about a “foodfestival” you are guaranteed for an epic time! Specially when thinking back about the Hokkaido seafood festival we tried last night at Umai in the Oberoi hotel! Everyone that reads my blog knows that I am a huge foodie, and it takes a lot to have me raving about something! Therefore it has been a while that I have posted about a goooood restaurant. So i guess this is the perfect time to share with you some pictures of a mouthwatering trip through the 12 courses that have been sourced from all different regions in hokkaido.


Starting off with a sparkeling an foamy strawberry surprise to tease our pallet, we also sip on an awesome japanese passionfruit cocktail. The amzing part of it is that you taste the fresh fruits and juices with every sip.


The next starter dishes are full of surprises and a mix of textures and flavours; hokkaido cheese springrolls, creamy crab crokettes, and one of the highlights, the corn soup with hokkaido crab.



20140522-181425.jpg Like a goldpot at the end of a rainbow, I secretly wanted to lick the bowl when I finish my last bite!
All the dishes are served like a piece of art. It makes you curious and enjoy every bite you take. Some of the main dishes were cooked tepanyaki style.


And even though I am not a big fan of fish, every dish was cooked with the finest ingredients and perfect temperatures.

20140522-184318.jpg beautiful scallops, lovely miso cod, and my favorite of all, sea urchins.





I seriously had an exceptional taste travel to Hokkaido which was an amazing fine dining experience. Instead of reading this post, I seriously suggest you go and check it out, as this special menu is only available for 2 more days until the 23 of may!

The hokkaido seafood festival – Umai restaurant – the Oberoi hotel – 390 Aed

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