Truffle it up at Umai!


With truffle season marked on the calendar there is no way I will let this month pass by without stuffing myself with these yummy “gourmet mushrooms”
Even though truffles look like big fat hobbit noses, their taste is far from that.


To make this intro a bit more gross, did you know that the truffle is an edible fungus that grows underground through a symbiotic relationship with the roots of specific host trees. When the tree and the fungal filaments reach maturity, usually after about five years, the truffle is produced and occurs seasonally thereafter. In order to find these little hobbit noses in the ground they usually get sniffed out by trained pigs and dogs that can smell the truffle up to 3 feet under the ground. As the saying “eating like a pig” also works on truffle pigs, they unfortunately often eat the truffles they find. Quite an expensive appetite.. Therefore truffle dogs are used more commonly.
Now that you know the dirty details about truffles, the good part is about to follow.


My favourite contemporary Asian restaurant Umai is celebrating the month of the white truffle by welcoming guests to experience “white gold”, a celebration of culinary delights infused with the taste and aroma of white truffles from the Urbani region of Alba, with Chef Yasunori’s special Asian twist. The menu which is composed in collaboration with Ramelli – one of the finest truffle suppliers in the region – you are about to get as close as you can to taste this menu from behind a screen..

Welcomed by a very professional tea lady we enjoyed a light truffle tea to start off with.


…Followed by a yummy forest mushroom and truffle soup which looked like a thin bouillon but surprisingly tasted like a beautifully thick textured treat..


While waiting for the next course we got entertained with a White Geisha and some truffle dim sum.. pure pleasure..



A bit of heaven in a pot combined with a truffle lolly pop – an ice-cream cone (without ice cream) filled with a truffle filling..



Sushi with truffle rice.. And why not add a bit of live truffle shaving at the table, such an experience!
Did you know that the price of a white truffle can cost up to 7 or 10 times more than a black truffle. The largest white truffle ever found was in November 1999, weighing 1.31 kg it was estimated to be worth £3,175. The truffle that is shaved right in front of us in Umai cost approximately 12000 aed for a kilo.. “Waiter! Can I have a bit more of that truffle shaving please!”



After opening one button of my jeans the next plate arrived with a grilled black sea bream.. Surprisingly…accompanied by a truffle mash potato and freshly steamed veggies.


To finish the feast.. A bit of sweet stuff to change the pallet.. Yuzu and white truffle namelaka
with Japanese plum compote and honey chips. (No clue what it means but it taste damn good! )



If you wanna try this super yummy menu for yourself please head over to Umai in the Oberoi hotel Dubai. Make sure you do it fast as this exclusive menu only runs till the 29th of November.
Besides from the truffle menu please go and check out which other amazing Asian fusion cuisine they have to offer.

Read more about my previous visit to Umai HERE!
Umai – Oberoi hotel – Dubai

+971 4 444 1 444

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